My husband Russell and I were introduced to Michael Lobodarz of BDM Financial Services during 2001.

We were both immediately impressed with his persona and knowledge but most importantly have been continually impressed since that first meeting.  Our financial portfolio which is varied thanks to Michael’s knowledge of the industry, has progressed exponentially over this period of time as has our friendship.

BDM Financial Services has a unique, family friendly, good old fashioned 100% service satisfaction combined with personal and prompt attention, which these days is quite rare.

We would recommend, without reservation, the services that BDM Financial Services can offer.

Russell and Terri

Michael had been referred to me by a close friend.

Before meeting Michael, I had been in negotiations with my ex-husband for 2 years prior, through my solicitor, without reaching a financial settlement and racking up substantial legal bills.

During this time I had been in contact with 2 banks to investigate the possibility of my borrowing ability to retain the family home, which had not been favourable.

Upon meeting with Michael, he had requested information from me such as the financials for the family Business, details of the family Assets and Income and an estimate of what I thought was the proposed percentage split.

He was able to devise a proposed financial settlement for my divorce, which my ex-husband accepted, which his solicitor then enacted.

To my delight he was able to arrange my finance proposal to the bank to enable me to retain the family home.
I could not speak more highly of the work and outcome Michael was able to achieve where others had failed.


Michael had been referred to me by my accountant.

I was in the throes of sorting out my property settlement with my ex-wife and attempting to arrange the financial settlement, once I was assured I was able to retain my properties in Sydney.

I had previously sought the assistance of 2 Mortgage Brokers and neither could provide me with the necessary loan I required.

To Michael’s credit he was able to develop a new proposed property settlement, that did not impact on the funds to my ex-wife was to receive, and enable me to retain my investment properties.

He communicated his settlement proposal to my solicitor, who in turn agreed with the proposal.

Michael was then successfully arranged my mortgages / finance and enabled my property settlement to proceed.

Without Michael’s advice and assistance I don’t believe the outcome I achieved would have occurred.

I have no reservations in recommending Michael’s services.


I have been retired for nearly 13yrs and all that time I have been looked after by Michael Lobodarz
at BDM Financial Services. I am very happy with his services and have been a client since 2002.